What We Do

At FIS, we provide a full range of field inspections, verifications, and check collection services for the equipment leasing, commercial lending, wholesale credit and financing industries.

Professional Reporting

Utilizing a network of seasoned professional inspectors; FIS provides prompt, accurate, and comprehensive reporting from the field with exceptional service.

Experience Counts

With over 8 years of experience, FIS has been utilized by major commercial leasing, finance and lending institutions to help them manage risk and minimize exposure in a rapidly fluctuating marketplace.  Our services are available anywhere in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the UK.

Equipment Inspections

FIS has experience inspecting all major asset classes.  From commercial transportation and industrial machinery to office, medical, and restaurant equipment; we’re prepared to provide detailed and accurate reporting to protect your assets.

Equipment Appraisals

FIS has strategic partnerships with independent equipment appraisal companies which allow us to offer a full array of equipment appraisals – from a low-cost desk top appraisal to a comprehensive field appraisal performed by an ASA appraiser within the required field.

Collection Inspections

Have your payments slowed or stopped?  FIS collection inspections are designed to put financial institutions in direct contact with their lessees or borrowers.  We can provide you with asset verification and assist you directly in the collection process.